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About me site creator: I decided to begin this blog so that I could share my experience with the healing arts of meditation, crystal healing, and aromatherapy. I began my journey in 2019, and find it rewarding in more ways than one. I plan to continue exploring more ways to connect, balance, and harmonize my personal aspects as I grow with knowledge, and experience. I sincerely hope you will continue to visit and share your interest through questions, and comments. This will let me know what to offer you, the viewers! :)

About the site: Natural Eccentricity- is a modern online platform, designed to provide information, and entertainment to viewers with health, and wellness editorials, and unique features. For readers on the go, all articles are viewable on mobile devices.


Included in the list of features are; video, shop, forum, and group pages, a chat service that is available for chatting directly with me, and with other members,an official site email service that makes private correspondence easy, and a newsletter that highlights important updates to your favorite site. All free of charge!


Last but not least, there is the free Wix app, available on google play that makes previewing content quick and easy before loading the full experience here at the site.


All this and me Blogger 2021, here to keep you interested in today's health, and wellness trends. So enjoy the blog, interact with the site, and message me to let me know exactly what think of it.

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