10 Facts about Covid-19

Updated: Mar 23

Today, I am sharing ten facts about covid-19 that I think offer a simplified, and comprehensive description of covid-19 as a virus. This list includes information such as what systems the virus affects, health information, and current treatments available, in an attempt to summarize the current impact covid-19 has on society in a basic way.

I want you, my audience, to know, I have all of your wellness needs in mind not just the obvious ones.

List of Facts:

  1. Covid-19 is a virus. That means, at a microscopic level it has dangerous affects on the body.

  2. As a virus covid-19 affects the vascular system, or blood vessels.

  3. A virus also needs to take on the characteristics of the host cell to make copies of itself in order to survive.

  4. Because viruses differ from bacteria in size and components (characteristics), it cannot be treated with antibiotics, and that is why vaccines have been chosen as the primary treatment.

  5. Covid-19 is a social disease. This means, that it is transferred with simple bodily contact. Transfers of covid-19 can be prevented by wearing surgical masks.

  6. Some precautions suggested for hygienic purposes are: washing hands, sanitizing personal spaces, and social distancing.

  7. Because covid-19 is classified as a vascular virus, (one that is associated/affects blood vessels ) it is best to maintain a healthy immune system. Eat foods that are enriched with essential vitamins, such as vitamin c, and vitamin d. This will help prevent covid-19 from becoming a potential danger. Also, getting tested, getting vaccinated, and staying informed will also support a healthy immune system.

  8. You can check my profile on Facebook for the latest on covid-19. I will be posting regularly until we defeat this pandemic.

  9. As you may already know, Covid-19 is being treated with vaccines manufactured by private companies, but regulated by the government to ensure safety measures are enforced.

  10. Last but not least on the list, I want to share how covid-19 can actually help improve your wellness routine. If you have good health, and have spare time because of covid-19 you may find it helpful to begin regulating self love with a self-care routine. This will help with managing present stress, and transitioning back into a fully active society when the opportunity comes.

That was my list of ten facts for covid-19. I hope you enjoyed it, and that it educated you in some way. I personally believe that we will look back at covid-19 in future years as another experience that united us in a way that is harmonious to the divine plan. In this life, we need to live as individuals, but there is also a responsibility to stay united on all fronts of this journey.

Love and light,

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