Angels Will Really Help Your Practice.

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Angels, yes the divine creatures of heaven, can help your wellness practice. They provide divine guidance and protection just like in the traditional religious context.

Ask The Angels For Help

Each practice; yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, and crystal healing promote harmonic vibrations that the angels recognize in the spiritual realm. When asked the angels can assist with calming rituals whenever anxiety erupts. They also provide an extra layer of comfort making the focus on your practice much more intense. Finally, angels clarify, purify, and protect energy. The angels expedite all healing processes.

Find amazing figurines, books, and other items about our divine friends that offer love, protection and guidance.

Select An Angel For Something Specific

You can address the angel of your choice as your guide, protector, or friend when healing your chakras during meditation. You can ask the angel to help with balance exercises during yoga. You can ask the angels to perfectly guide your aromatherapy sessions. Even with crystal healing, you can ask the angels to bless your intentions and to protect your energy.

Choose An Angel By Name

There are the archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael, all capable of strengthening your personal energy. However, each angel is known to be associated with specific healing and protection qualities for your practices. The qualities are believed to be protection, communication, wisdom, and healing. Even after you finished your practice for the day the angels will support you with peace and guidance.

One More Reason Asking Angels For Help Is A Good Idea

The universe is stable with perfect balance. It is our actions that cause an imbalance in our lives. Fortunately, we regain balance with each practice. But what happens once we regain balance? Are we free from all negativity? Obviously not. As an intuitive person, I have realized that we cannot accurately perceive personal experiences with 100% accuracy. (To perceive with any accuracy is light). That's just life. But we can with the assistance of angels avoid repeating negative behaviors that lead us back to the same negative experiences. (Very little accuracy is darkness). Obviously, without perception, we cannot make healthy choices and decisions that affect our lives.

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