Autumn: The Humbling Season

I want to begin by acknowledging that this post, at the time it is written, is specifically for my audience in the southern hemisphere. The post for my audience in the northern hemisphere is titled, "Spring: The Season for New Beginnings".

Describing the Change

We all know that at certain times of year, the season changes from summer to fall. But spiritually, how are changes being made? Since becoming mindful of my own journey, I realize that this season usually reminds me of humility. To become more accepting of the way things are. I notice I am not as assertive during this season. At least not at the very beginning of it. Why is this is? I am going to try to explain.

Balancing Through the Equinox

Without going into detail, the explanation for what is occurring in our solar system during the Equinoxes is balance. With the focus on the fall equinox, I'd like to explain how this season brings balance to our experiences, energy, and spirituality. Because the term equinox means balance, or even level, everything affected by it will reflect balance in some sort of way. The occurrence of the Equinox brings our journey to a point of balance. It is like being at a starting point of 0°.

Feeling Vulnerable during Fall

Obviously fall is opposite to spring. Spring can be describe as the assertive season. The time to get things going. Fall however, although it is also a season of newness, it suggests beginnings of a more relaxed, non masculine approach to planning. That is what makes us feel vulnerable. As we are reminded of our inner experiences, our emotions, our thoughts, homelife, and relationships, we become more sensitive to who, and what we depend on for survival. Our priorities shift from manifesting our desires, to understanding our needs. During fall we are drawn to our most intimate expereinces.

Favorite Wellness Activities for Fall

I have learned that certain practices are ideal, or at least associated with this time of year. These activities encourage personal stabilization. With that said, certain oils, herbs, crystal's, mantras, and affirmations are commonly use. The goal is to maintain balance in the environment, and within personal energy fields. I personally believe this is a great time to begin a routine of personal assessment. Whenever you meditate, do yoga, or pray, try to answer questions about your present state of being. Are you in alignment to your purpose? How can you continue to grow from your experiences? How can you continue to connect to self? Try to do whatever brings attention to personal experiences, perspectives, and needs.

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Love and light,

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