Awakening to Personal Truth

This Week's Transit is Specific

As I stated previously, I am a profound student of astrology. This week I feel a need to express the influence cosmic energy has on self-awareness. I do not feel alone when I speak of how this week, we are being taught valuable lessons from the planet Saturn. Saturn, in the middle of its retrograde season is focused on improved self-sufficiency. Reconstruction is occurring spiritually and physically to better manage time, create meaningful standards, and focus more on personal challenges. The goal is to improve overall performance in goal planning, organization, and awareness of personal needs. As the energy climaxes during this season, an awakening to unpleasant personal truths will occur. These truths may cause feelings of denial, and a need to escape reality. However, the undertone of this experience is an overprotective ego, that may exaggerate the optimism we have about our ability to be self-preserving. This is where yoga, meditation, crystal healing, and all other health, and wellness practices help to make the transition easier on the mind, body, and spirit.

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Manage Change with Balance and Self-discipline

Because challenges to become better, do better, love better, and live better, are constant, there will always be a need to balance energy with experience. That is the only way to endure the constant pressures, and effects of a natural evolution in the cosmic environment. The universe teaches experience is collective. It also teaches that experience is very private, personal, and intimate. To prevent obscure experiences from delaying the fulfillment of life purpose, there is a need to manage personal growth, and development with discipline. Healthy routines create harmony; a lasting, peaceful, truth that is associated with the experience. Meditate regularly with crystals that correspond to individual needs. Practice yoga to harmonize with universal energy. And incorporate aromatherapy when possible to increase positive energy throughout personal environments.

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Keeping Connections to Self will Support Change with Positive Energy

This week, utilize mindfulness to remain centered, and focused on personal wellbeing. Particularly, when personal stress is incurred because of time, lack of organization, or a need to be first. Look internally to discover what is hidden beneath the surface. Take time to acknowledge, and accept personal flaws. This week it is important to own personal experience, and not dismiss it. A lot of wisdom can be achieved this week. Connecting with the inner self to discover personal truths can only help dissolve inner conflicts. This will ultimately create a greater peace within. Something I am constantly pursuing myself. The planets are very influential in this week’s activities but remaining open-minded and open-hearted will allow progress to be the outcome of energy.

Thanks for reading my post.