Chakra Healing

What is Chakra Healing Really?

There are so many ways to describe chakra healing. In my opinion, it should be described as cleaning your energy fields. The concentration of thought and energy to revitalize personal balance. In this post, I want to share my perspectives, and how they have helped me overcome critical emotional, mental, and spiritual difficulties. And how they have helped inspired me to grow in all areas of my spirituality.

Starting with the Basics

My first knowledge of chakra healing, was the basic teaching, clear your energy to improve your day to day health. Although I had a difficult time processing that thought, I soon realized that it was not something I wanted to dismiss as a possibility. This is because early on, I realized pronouncing the names of the chakras helped me connect with energy. I also soon begin to realize, because I was meditating, I was undergoing a major change (transformation) that affected my mind, body, and spirit. I began to notice a subtle, yet, true change in my experiences. I also began to notice a change in my personal energy. My thinking began to change. I started to rely on my chakras to tell me what state of being I am in holistically. I began to become conscious of my inner being, and connecting to my higher self. I started to encounter positivity, something I did not have before. I started to realize, despite what real joy I had in my life, I also had a lot of pessimism residing deep inside of me. I have since learned to release the negative parts of my perspectives, and am working on improving my connection with myself. I once questioned, "when I meditate am I talking to myself"? I have no doubt now, that I definitely am.

How I Set Intentions

I am someone who overcomplicates things. So I know when it comes to goal setting, I have to be specific, and clear. I have to begin planning my goals knowing exactly what it is that I need. The same goes for meditating with intentions. I need to be focused, and clear about exactly what it is that I want to achieve, short-term, and long-term. This is helpful if you are someone who procrastinates or overthinks. If you are not sure of what you need, because you are in the midst of transmutation, (a mild change on your path) that is okay. I have had to wait until my chakras were completely balanced until I was clear about my intentions. It is a wonderful process, healing the chakras. It reveals the marvelous magic stored inside our vast universe. It heals, it transforms, it manifests; and it unites. It teaches us to what is necessary to continue fulfilling our destiny one step at a time.

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