Difficult Dietary Routines amongst Young Adults

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This post is intended for people age 18 -25 years of age, and those who know people within this age range.

Transition to Independence

Recent studies have found that many young adults have a difficult time formatting a healthy diet once they are no longer under the guidance of a parental figure. The following is considered to be some of the causes for negative changes in health. Poor meal planning, budgeting, and not having the discipline to cook healthy meals are the primary reasons that many youths aren't eating well. Taking full responsibility for one's eating habits, after being accustomed to having someone do it all for you can seem too big of a task for some. Also, without constant reminders to eat well, other unhealthy habits, such as smoking cigarettes, and drinking alcohol can develop, causing significant changes to one's health.

Common Health Trends

While most young adults making a transition, might seem oblivious of their dietary needs, most seem to supplement their lack of good dieting with some sort of physical activity, such as yoga, or exercise. Needless to say eating fastfood, and then working out will help balance weight, and provide basic nutrition. However, to maintain enough balance in one's diet to support a healthy lifestyle, one must consciously develop a healthy meal plan. One that promotes energy, and the intake of proper nutrients for continued health.

Becoming Focused on Healthy Eating

I once read an interesting article, (not the exact title) "What Our Cravings Say about Our Health". In this article I discovered most people are looking for ways to entertain their tastebuds, and satisfy an emotional need. It has very little to say about actual health concerns. But is does relate certain cravings to certain times of day, and emotional needs. My take away from this article was to not over think how healthy your eating habits are, but to focus on eating balanced meals through out the day. Eating at regular intervals, with occasional snacks, is what makes a diet healthy.

I have learned to eat easy-to-make meals, with minimum cooking times. This reduces the pressure of cooking for long periods of time. Also, if you can, try new foods, to keep your meals interesting. I like to follow recipes, it is fun learning about, and discovering new ingredients.

In conclusion

Mental preparation for such an important lifestyle change should be included in the transition process, and not as a follow up step to transitioning. Meditation, and yoga is definitely essential to preparing oneself for a life long effort to eat healthy, and maintain good health. Look for healthy recipes on any of my social media pages, and profiles.

I will be writing more about nurturing ourselves with nutrition soon.

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