Goals And Intentions: How To Achieve Them.

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Learning About Intentions

When I first started learning about crystal healing the first thing I learned was how to set an intention. It took some time before it became clear to me what an intention actually is and how to properly program my crystals to set one. It's really not that it is a complicated subject, I was distracted by my other studies. Once I was able to focus I realized an intention is the need or want for something specific in the present moment. I also learned the purpose of intention setting is to begin progressive action for my spiritual growth.

Common Ways To Set Intentions

Crystal healing is the most common method for intention setting. However, you can set an intention while meditating. By placing focus on your needs and wants while connected to the corresponding chakras.

Goals Setting

The concept of goal setting. What is it when associated with wellness? My introduction to goal setting challenged me to think about achieving greater experiences in life, both physically and spiritually. I thought of becoming empowered with each successful goal completed. Each goal should be set to improve my life experience, adding more meaning to each day, and making each moment more profound.

Good Reasons For Planning Goals

This motivated me to learn how to properly set goals, goals that are specific in nature and specifically for me. I learned my goals should reflect current needs; if I need more confidence, emotional awareness, mental clarity, to become more sociable, or emphatic, I should begin setting my goals by acknowledging my need or want. Then support my goals with practical behavior. I should connect to my solar plexus chakra if I need more confidence, or remove obstacles along my path. That is just an example.

Finally A Good Comparison

In summary, intentions are current needs or want that result in changes to mind, body, and spirit. Intentions can be set to stabilize emotions, to elevate mood, or resist vulnerability. Goals are short to long-term plans that result in a change or transformation in personal circumstances due to interaction with personal energy.

Working with both intentions and goals will create change for a more fulfilled life experience.

Thank you for reading. I hope you've enjoyed my post!

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