Hot Yoga

The latest trend and popular form of yoga today-what is it? How does it differ from hatha yoga? What are some of the pros and cons according to industry critics? I am going to try to answer some of these questions in this editorial.

Hot Yoga? What is it?

Hot yoga is described as the practice of yoga in heated environments. The room is heated to temperatures above 100 degrees with a humidity level of 30 percent. The rooms are designed to encourage perspiration for participants. This technique is used for many reasons; including a quick way to relax tense muscles and to intensify the workout.

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Hot Yoga vs Hatha Yoga

Although hot yoga workouts contain the same asanas applied in hatha yoga, it differs from hatha yoga with the conditions of the workout space and room. An additional difference is the direct intention to reduce stress. While hatha yoga is primarily intended to enhance physical health by strengthening and toning various features of the body it is also practiced to provide support to the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. Hot yoga is the modified version of hatha that helps release muscular tension and helps to reduce the onset of stress. The final difference, both practices have specific results they provide but hatha is the ancient traditional form that influenced the modernized form of hot yoga.

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Pros And Cons

I have read that there are some pros and cons according to industry critics. Beginning with the pros, hot yoga is very gratifying and pleasurable to most participants. The results vary according to the individual, but most tend to prefer the workout for its intensity. One of the cons is that it requires before and after hydration. Participants are encouraged to drink water before and after the workout to stay hydrated. That's a requirement with all workouts-right?!.

In closing, hot yoga sounds like something I definitely want to try at least once. It sounds exciting!

That's my editorial on hot yoga! I hope you've enjoyed it.

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