How to Know if You Are Spiritual

A Brief Introduction

Welcome. I hope this post helps you to identify, and accept the part of your nature that connects you with your emotional, mental, and essential being.

As someone who can securely say that I am becoming aware of my spiritual nature and developing a new faith based spirituality (belief in spiritual experiences), I want to share my experience with you.

Defining Spirituality

To begin, spirituality can be defined in many ways. Of course you may look it up in the dictionary. I'm sure you will find a technical definition for it. But will that definition satisfy your curiosity? Probably not. Therefore, here is my definition for something I am learning about, and if you are reading this you are too. I read that spirituality is the emotional, mental, and creative experiences that happen simultaneously, or at the same time. It is our belief in what has not yet been proven, or what we are not yet able to understand. It is our drive, dreams, and passions. It lives in our mind, is acknowledged in our emotions, and is defined by our behaviors. So what is the difference between spirituality, and being spiritual? Read on, and I will explain.

Spirituality is the the description of how spiritual we are. The more spiritual we are in nature, the greater our spirituality. For example, if you are facing a difficult situation that you just can not seem to overcome; because it is too complicated, it confuses you mentally, pains you emotionally, and depresses your creativity, then it is considered to be complex in nature, (like being spiritual). Therefore the more complexed, or complicated the situation, the more difficult it becomes, and so it grows in it's complexity (like spirituality). I hope that example was helpful.

So, How do We Know if We Are Spiritual?

Back to the title; "How to Know if You Are Spiritual". Some may wonder, "why should I care?". Or, maybe reply, "I already know I am spiritual". To answer the first question, it is not a bad thing to acknowledge a part of us that helps us to identify with, and understand what is going on within the hidden parts of our identities. We all need to stay mindful of why we feel the way we do, or think the way we do; and when we hurt, what can we do about it? To know if we are spiritual or not, in our experiences, helps to identify with our needs, to cope with the things we have little, or no control over, and to manage the things that we can control, through change. If you have been following my blog, you may have noticed, I write about our experiences a lot; the personal experience. This is because I want to share my experiences, and offer alternative ways to stay informed about what I feel affects us all in a very universal way; although personally, and individually we are all effected differently. To respond to the second part, sometimes "knowing", and knowing are two different things. We all "know" (believe) we have a spiritual nature. We all believe in spirituality, or at least that it exists. However, to know that you are spiritual will mean something different once you begin to recognize your experiences as purposeful, and defining, and only once you begin to format your personal spirituality, the code of personal rules that you live by.

Becoming Spiritual

Becoming spiritual in nature, is to become harmonious with oneself. To accept, understand, and begin to live with definition, to let each experience in life confirm your truth, to have faith in who you are, and who you want to become; to find the source of your existence, and to love yourself for who you are just because you are a unique truth defined by all aspects of your being. It also means that you allow yourself to be humbled by your truths, whatever they may be, to acknowledge your feelings, and not judge them, to explore them until you understand them. If you think it takes time, it does. That is a part of spirituality; learning to take time for the emotional self. Allow yourself to acknowledge your thoughts, and accept them as just thoughts, not feelings, no matter how painful, or shameful they may be. This signifies a healthy spirituality, because you are taking control of yourself, simply by acknowledging your thoughts as a part of you, and not having to judge them. You can just observe them, and let them be. Once you recognize your thoughts as a part of your truth, your higher self will begin to recognize your growth, and need for new experiences. Finally, if you acknowledge what I like to call the creative self, the one that desires, wishes, dreams, and drives you with passion, then you are allowing yourself to be unique in the universe. Authenticity will begin to become your power against false perceptions, and unnecessary experiences. You will gain confidence in your ability to live the life you want for yourself, and not the life you have been led to believe is right for you.

In summary, your spiritual self needs to be acknowledge, awakened, and nurtured. This can be done with meditation, yoga, and all the other mindfulness practices that we are blessed with. So let light guide you, peace be with you, and love be the force that drives you.

Thanks for reading my post. I hope you enjoyed it . If so, like, share,and leave a comment.

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