Intense Focus on the Inner Self

Updated: Jan 28

Very Intense Personal Experience

You may be wondering why you may be feeling a little self-centered this week. It is a process that we all are experiencing energetically to bring alignment and harmony to our personal paths. We are adjusting mentally, physically, and emotionally to our concerns that have been hidden from our conscious perspectives. In short, our fears and insecurities are surfacing to first, bring awareness, second, to discern if they are relevant or not, and third, resolve them by letting go and releasing them. Here's an article that discusses more about confronting fears; "Dark or Stuck Energy Cords and Entities", by Reiki Rays. Find the link below. Meditate to align with this unique wave of energy.

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Finding the Courage to Combat Our Fears

Although this process is imminent, it is supported energetically with peace. It is not intended to be overwhelming. It will, however, remind us what it feels like to be in touch with our inner strength. It is a time when we realize what actually supports us in times of doubt. Subconsciously, although we are confronted with our insecurities, we will also be shown our securities and find comfort from the things that tell us everything is and will be okay. Implementing aromatherapy into this week’s routine will enhance our connection to this experience.

"Finding Inner Courage", provides real life success stories of people who have found courage and inner strength. It is a novel, and "how-to", "self-help" text in one. It's three section format makes learning the essentials easy, and comprehensible.

Revisiting a Previous Intention

This week’s alignment may be interrupted by a brief return to a former goal or intention. Given recent astrological events; such as the eclipses, it does not seem extraordinary that this may happen. It seems this random occurrence does have a purpose; to help us plan the future of our relationships. Recently we connected with those we care for to show our love and support in two distinct ways. Now we are ending the cycle of connection to begin moving forward with our new way of expression. The ending will not be easy. We will feel a conflict between our logical and emotional selves as we try to rationalize both mentally and emotionally exactly how we should perceive our recent experiences. This will also create a brief but intense phase of negative self-indulgence; temporary selfishness, self-pity, disassociation from activities, accepting misfortune, and feeling dismayed or discouraged. This is because of the masculine energy that we have asserted during recent months. We are now seeking to balance out our receptive self with our assertive self. I personally prefer to sage when things get a little awry in my environment.

A Moment of Clear Insight

There is a gift from the energy that will allow us to look closely at how we respond to the respected influences in our lives. Those who inspire us will activate a need to express ourselves with mental agility and skill. We will discover whether we are introverted or extroverted around those we admire most. The challenge will be how we express individual aptitude. Let your practice guide you toward balance to be the most authentic and expressive as you can be. This experience may stir up intense emotions and personal conflict that reminds us of how vulnerable we are to forces beyond our control. It will also remind us to be patient with whatever we are trying to achieve. This week there is an opportunity to gain a great sense of self-worth and value, resulting in self-respect, and self-esteem. A balanced routine of health and wellness will integrate all your experiences providing a very encouraging self-image, promoting self-love, and self-care.

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I hope you have enjoyed reading my post.

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