It Is Important To Protect Your Energy!

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To start, I want to tell you that I am not a big risk-taker. But at times I can be very nonchalant in my beliefs and behaviors. With that said, I'd like to share what inspired the topic for this article. At the beginning of my practice, and now still, almost every article I read relayed to energy stresses the importance of protecting personal energy. But as I continue to grow my practice it is becoming clearer to me what this means.

As my knowledge expands, and my experience increases, I notice that there is a pattern of repeated negative experiences that I can prevent by protecting myself, and each of my achievements. The most relevant example I can share is the challenges associated with my perspective. When I meditate, I achieve a new level of internal balance, which gives me the confidence to face challenges with pragmatism, and practicality. I begin anew with positive thoughts, stable emotions, and good physical strength. Then I begin to slowly become self-indulged within my thoughts; selfishness and other negative behaviors are exhibited that I just meditated to dismiss. Disappointment and grief. This is the cycle I experience without protection. I find myself repeating the same thoughts, feelings of vulnerability, and hopelessness. I am

beginning to realize that protection is critical for my personal safety; in all areas.

Protection can be applied in many ways. One of the simplest ways to protect oneself is to use jewelry. A simple talisman or amulet can work quickly and efficiently. You can if you want to practice smudging. This is another simple way of protecting one's environment and self. If you are a spiritualist you may already know to call upon your spirit guides. If you are religious, the angels. If you are a practitioner you may call upon your ancestors. Crystals are also a simple way to create protection for your energy fields.

Professionals agree exposure to intentional and unintentional negative energy can cause significant damage to your personal energy field. The results can be disturbances in healthy experiences; changes in sleep patterns, moodiness, distressing emotions. Besides the negative physical effects, exposure to unhealthy energy can prevent personal experiences from occurring the way they are meant to. In summary not applying protection to your routine will create an unnecessary cycle of unhappiness.

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