Managing Personal Change and Transformation

Positive Energy Changes

This week, adapting to a positive energy change in the atmosphere, and allowing the complete process of transformation to mature, will help us benefit personally, and, in our relationships with loved ones. In recent weeks, energy has allowed us to communicate unconditional love, and support to our loved ones with spiritual, and mental expression. This week the offer to love and support will continue, but is expected to be expressed through physical action. Suggestions include, offers to cook, run errands, and help with other tasks. This is a change in external energy patterns. To transition peacefully with this energy shift we need to prepare our mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is to become centered, focused, and to maintain balance.

Let Harmony be Your Experience

This change is harmonious, and esoteric. It is an extension of ongoing cosmic activity that is occurring despite the negative experiences that are happening here on earth. Connecting with this week’s energy creates positive harmonic energy alignments personally, and interpersonally. Performing a simple smudging ritual to clear a path for light energy, will fill your environment with positive vibrations.

Enjoy Your Connection with Energy

Allow yourself to connect completely with your inner being. Think about your concerns, needs, and desires as the week progresses. Take notice of what you are curious about as you seek positive transformation. Seek peace, and restoration while you engage in your favorite practice. Stay mindful and aware. Allow yourself to feel each connection with energy. Feel each emotion as deeply as you can. Be patient with yourself to let go of anxiety and fear. This week is a week of pleasure and contentment; feeling satisfied and rewarded. Do what the universe has empowered you to do enjoy your connection with energy.

Have a wonderful week. Hope you have enjoyed my post.

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