Meditation: Enhance Energy Healing With Crystal Energy Grids.

Today I'd like to introduce a technique trending in today's energy practice. This specific form of energy channeling requires placing your favorite talisman, crystal, or ornament on a palette in a unique shape, form, or pattern known as a grid. I recently became aware of this interesting tool and am excited to tell you all about it. If you don't want to create your own grids ask your favorite supply shop if they sell them.

The grids themselves are shapes that represent the myriad of energy channels available while you meditate. Creating positivity, balance, and harmonic resonances that create healthy frequencies.

What makes the use of grids even more unique is the personalization of energy. The elevated intensity of personal energy is achieved within all connections to mind, body, and spirit. You will sense your energy being cleansed, revitalized, and purified. If you are familiar with the "law of attraction", you can meditate with grids to create powerful positive energy to achieve and obtain anything you want! If your goal is to increase mindfulness you can use grids to achieve that also.

The opportunities are limitless, whether it be with a predesigned pattern or a more personal design, you will definitely find your experience improved with the assistance of this simple technique.

Thank you for reading my post. Hope you've enjoyed it!

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