Relating Thoughts and Intentions

Be Supportive of Others’ Beliefs

The sun is transiting Gemini, the sign of communication. The season of Gemini brings a need to express personal intention and beliefs. To correct any misconceptions, others have about you; to improve public reputation and image. If you have recently been degraded socially or publicly, making an open statement to repair your image is supported by the sun in Gemini. Now is also a good time to improve personal relationships. This month we can improve our relationships with those closest to us. Show genuine concern for their experiences. Show you value them with loyalty and respect while supporting their wishes and beliefs. Reconnections with old friends, neighbors, and professional relationships, is ideal for the season of Gemini. Call your friends to say you have not forgotten about them. Review agreements and renegotiate contracts with business partners; they will appreciate you for it. During this transit, you will begin to wonder about people from your past. You will wonder about their wellbeing and be concerned for them. You will want them to know that you are concerned, and they can trust you, depend on you, and rely on you in times of need.

Communicate Harmony

Your actions should bring you closer to your loved ones. Phone calls, emails, and texts are the old ways we communicated whenever we wanted to talk to someone. Now video calls on Zoom and other video chat platforms are preferred for communicating with loved ones. It is ironic how in recent times technology, specifically cell phones were criticized for depleting the value of the person to person communication. Critics claimed social media and texting replaced and decreased the value of interpersonal communication. However, there will always be a need for interpersonal communication. This month is when interpersonal communication is the most crucial. This month let loved ones know exactly what they mean to you. Discuss your relationships with an openness of heart and mind. This month your emotions are best expressed because of the sun’s transit in Gemini. The sun is providing clarity to the mind, making it easier to verbalize your thoughts that reflect your emotional experiences. For personal benefits, this month’s energy can be used to harmonize inner experiences with what is happening in your local and the global environment. This month meditation, aromatherapy, and yoga will all enhance connections with oneself and increase harmony within intrapersonal communication, (communication with oneself). This refers to self-love, self-preservation, self-confidence, self-trust, and all the positive attributes of a healthy ego. I am currently learning about the ego and how it affects our experiences and am confident that the energy of Geminin supports creating healthy connections with oneself in mind, body, and spirit.

Live According To Your Life’s Purpose

Find within yourself the ability to triumph over adversity and fulfill your goals. Utilize the holistic methods of meditation, yoga, crystal healing, and aromatherapy to connect with experiences this month. Seek to experience each day with a purpose and intention that supports and reflects a path of prosperity, abundance, truth, and joy. This month’s energy will amaze you with its limitless possibilities to meet the expectations of others and yourself. You will find it is incredibly supportive of ideals and manifestation. If you have something you want to balance in your life, this month you will find ways to do it best. If you notice an increase in optimism surrounding this month’s energy; it is thanks to Jupiter in Capricorn. Although retrograde, Jupiter is generating an opportunity for success and good fortune. Utilize the energy this month to optimize and capitalize on personal energy and experience.

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