Social Ambition and Personal Progress

Becoming Socially Active

This week there may be an unusual need to contribute to causes that are personal and feel spiritually connected. A need to contribute to your favorite charity, participate in a rally, attend a community meeting, to join a group or activist organization. This week social activism is prominent in our thoughts and emotions. If this is your experience, it is totally natural. If none of the above fits your personal criteria, you may want to bring awareness to your favorite organizations or directly focus on the topics related to your favorite cause.

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Underlining these spiritual experiences are energetic alignments that can help us find our individual motivation and discover the ways we want to contribute and support our favorite social topics. If you are inexperienced with social activism, you may not even be sure about how you feel about social activism, not to mention relating specific agendas and beliefs. That is also natural, this is a good time to discover personal feelings, goals, and to gain a clearer perspective before proceeding with any action. Meditation, of course, will clarify thoughts, center emotions, and reveal spiritual connections to the cause of your choice. You may also research your favorite topics to get more practical insight.

Assess Inner Activity

This experience with social activism is not an isolated event. It is accompanied by inner activity that displays current changes in personal development. Simultaneously, while we are trying to figure out how to support, and contribute to our favored causes, we are undergoing self-realization. This is a process that brings awareness of our authentic selves. When connected to personal energy this week, we will learn how our personality, potential, and spirituality, are currently being transformed into a supportive foundation for future experiences.

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Spiritually, we are being prepared to advance to the next level on our paths. This alignment means greater connections with our environment and those who share our spirituality. On all levels of our beings, we are being directed to integrate with the collective. To find ways to share our commonality. To become part of the big picture.

A Transitional Time

The cosmic environment is not offering any opportunity to avoid these experiences. We cannot hinder this process or avoid it. We can only accept this activity and process energy peacefully. It will not be dismissed with inactive behavior either.

Ensure connections to ongoing experiences are secure. Meditate to balance and strengthen the inner core. Program crystals with specific intentions to prepare for upcoming experiences. There is a saying, “Nothing is constant except change”. Now is the time to use that mantra. We should enjoy this current alignment but also remain practical and mindful, that the universe, in its relentless need for perfect balance and harmony, it can be spontaneous, and absolute with its power.

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Thank you for reading my post. I hope you liked it.

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