Spiritual Belief Systems

Brief Introduction To Spiritual Beliefs

This week I witnessed the chaos going on in America with shock and grief. I honestly was discouraged by the actions of those who say they want justice and peace. I believe they were not honoring the names of the departed with their actions. This is something I believe. I mention this because this week’s focus is on spiritual beliefs.

A lot of the times we encounter experiences that make us feel a certain way or react quicker at sometimes than others. We do not actually know what causes the reactions, but we do know that it is something deep inside of us that is a part of who we are. We tend to believe certain things despite what anyone else tries to prove different. These thoughts, beliefs, and emotional reactions are what make up our belief systems.

They are the underlining foundations of our social, professional, and personal experiences. We inherit them from childhood when we are most subjective and susceptible to impressions. It is when we are developing physically, mentally, and emotionally that we begin to establish what we want to keep and what we want to discard that defines who we are.

Considering recent events, the pandemic, and now the nation in turmoil, we are more in tuned with these beliefs than usual. This has been a good thing for many of us who have found peace amid tragedy. I mourn for the victims and their families; of both the pandemic and those who lost their lives to violence. However, I know that I cannot change what has happened and can only support those that are mourning as I am with compassion and understanding.

Unwavering support is what is necessary during unstable times.

They Are Support Systems

Supporting others is not the only way our support system motivates us to action. They also awaken us to our own need to be stabilized and supported by our own beliefs. They remind of us of what we are trying to achieve during the crisis, and what our limitations are, and of what our potential is while we cope personally with change.

We are encouraged to depend on our belief systems to retain balance in our lives. But due to natural evolutionary changes, we may find that our beliefs are not the same as they were the last time we needed to cope with change. This is because as we grow and evolve to meet new demands in our lives, we adapt our beliefs to grow with us. Our beliefs are what make our perceptions a reality. We are comforted by our thoughts and beliefs. We make our decisions based on our beliefs. We primarily allow our thoughts and beliefs to dictate what is true for us. It is basic, natural, and human, it is our instinct our survival guide.

This Week Focus On Personal Beliefs

This week I noticed the planets are in support of this subject. Their activity and alignments to one another show a great need to support others while we maintain our own wellbeing and spiritual health. If you interact socially this week take time to acknowledge the dynamics with those you communicate with. Notice what you talk about, how you talk to one another, who is more supportive. You may find the air is a lot more gentle, kinder, and friendly, but also very intense and specific.

This week connecting to let others know that you are there for them spiritually will make a difference in your relationships. Also do not forget to do something for yourself as well. You may not realize it but there is a part of you that notices when they are being treated fairly and well, and when they are being neglected.

As always, thanks for reading my post.

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