Spring: The Season for New Beginnings

Letting Light in

Its Spring, in the northern hemisphere, and there is a general sense of newness in the air. Every year at this time we are reminded to let go of the long winter's darkness, and invite the light of spring in. What exactly does that mean?

What is the Spring Equinox?

The general principle behind spring is a vernal equinox, or spring equinox. Also know as a solar return. This is when the sun returnes to its closest place to the earth. This is considered a new day, new energy, new experiences. It is time to reconnect in better ways, or make new connections that further personal growth; joy and happiness.

Annual Spring Cleaning

Usually this time is taken to commit to the traditional spring cleaning of the home. But, this time is also ideal to commit to decluttering your life, and your energy. Similar to the balancing ritual of "letting go", this is an opportunity to let go of past hurt pain, and things that no longer are in alignment to your purpose.

Spring Goal Setting

In addition to letting go, goal setting is associated with this time, and should reflect longterm changes intended to improve quality of life, and affect lifestyle. This includes such changes to relationships, finances, career, health, social, and religion. This does not mean that your life is so negative you have to replace everything in to live a better life. It simply means you can fill certain voids in your life with positive new beginnings. Instead of ending relationships, pursue supportive relationships by creating new ones. Instead of stressing over financial circumstances, find practical ways to improve the situation, (change your perspective). If you feel you are not challenged enough by your routine, create one that inspires you to grow your faith, and allow social connections. These are just some examples of positive changes that can be made during this season that lasts until summer.

Final Thoughts

I'm conclusion, there are so many ways to utilize this wonder time of year. However you choose to utilize this time, you won't fail. Even if you decide to just take in the beauty of the season, growing crowds, new fashion trends, and social events, you will still get to experience the exciting energy that abides in the atmosphere, reminding us that the

things are not the same, they are changing, and we will have to change with them.

Happy Spring guys.💐🌷💟

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