What Are Personal Energy Fields? How Do They Help Fulfill Personal Needs, And Achieve Goals?

Personal energy fields are the two main areas of unique concentrated energy. The chakra system is one and the aura is the other. The chakra system works as a vortex of energy within the body connected to all parts of the mind, body and spirit. The aura is the external energy field that serves as an outer layer of energy representing your connection to non-personal energy.

Interesting enough the two fields are discussed vastly as separate topics, but not compared and contrasted that often. So now I would like to share what I know about each of them as the differ and are similar to one another. Both energy fields consists of energy that is unique to individuals like dna, it is not identical to any other. Therefore it is how we are identified energetically. Whenever there is an exchange of energy, messages are perceived as connections that are translated by these energy transmitters. These messages tell the mind, body, and spirit exactly how to respond to such activity. Our health, both physically and spiritually, are influenced routinely by activation of these fields. Taking good care of both the chakra system and the aura is as important as diet and exercise to maintain balance in our daily lives.

Meditation provides strengthening and revitalization of both fields. When each individual chakra is balanced it is restored to harmony with all other energies within its vortex. The aura when harmonized provides an enhanced ability to perceive one's environmental experiences with greater accuracy. This done routinely will maintain a healthy vibration with all experiences. Yoga exercises provides a balanced and harmonic frequency for both fields as it integrates the healthy and positive energy into the physical parts of our beings. Even aromatherapy can bring harmony to each field by providing stimulating vibrations to each energy sector causing them to balance with past, present and future energy experiences.

Some differentials include the way the energy is structured within each field. The chakra field is divided into seven different horizontal layers of energy, and the aura is one layer of energy surrounding the outer body. Color codes in each energy field labels the concentrated areas of energy. Inside the chakra system the colors are fixated to one area and don't vary. The colors displayed in your aura is significant of your personal experience. Changes in color and size of each field signifies the changes occurring in experiences.

How do each help to fulfill personal needs and achieve goals? The aura provides a way of connecting with unknown and unfamiliar environments. It serves as a bridge between the inner self and the environment allowing a way to determine if an environment is safe or unsafe, welcoming or uninviting, a place to establish a long-term connection to or a place to avoid interactions with. More importantly, this also applies to people as well, helping us to understand the status of our relationships and personal experiences.

The chakra system works as a foundation for our experiences. It helps bring attention to the status of major systematic processes, serving as an indicator of mental and cognitive functions, emotional and spiritual activity, and ultimately physical health. Once the status of our experience is known we can then prepare to take the necessary steps to heal, grow, and elevate to better experiences.

The purpose of either of these fields should not be underestimated. They are significant in life because the roles they play in determining our health and life experience. A healthy aura is one that enhances intuition. This is useful when relating on a spiritual or emotional; non logical level. A healthy chakra system is essential for day to day vitality. Both when maintained properly with revitalization and protection makes one wiser, more practical and help to achieve desires.

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