What Does it Mean to Ground Yourself?

Concentrate, Focus, Connect

As the title suggests, it is related to the earth, the lower part of an environment, or the lower level. The purpose of grounding one's energy is to create a stable foundation of energy. A supportive energetic foundation, that gradually increases spiritual growth; to improve focus, and concentration.

To ground one's energy also reduces impulsive actions, and the element of surprise. This starts a process that regulates life experiences in a gradual, progressive way. As the energy core becomes stronger, it becomes what can be considered a point of focus . It is also a way to intensify energy so that you obtain greater awareness, or greater concentration on whatever you are working on at the present. To the ground, oneself simply means you are increasing your concentrated energies to support you in all your efforts.

Ways to Ground Your Energy

Grounding one's personal energy is considered to be the ritual performed during meditation sessions when you intentionally send your energy into the earth directly, or via the earth star chakra to release unwanted energy, and ritually draw up into your energy system, or chakra system, positive energy (this should done with bare feet). It can be done periodically, to replenish your connection with the earth element (yes it is recommended we do this outdoors as well). Gaia, the eternal mother, taps into our personal growth cycles, creating opportunities for us within the earth's element, enhancing our overall experience.

Find all of the accessories and supplies you will need to have a comfortable and successful session.

The Earth Element

The Earth element is a one of two elements in which we nurture, any, and everything that needs nurturing( the water element is the other in my personal opinion). This includes personal development, personal projects, our relationships, and our energy. With the earth's element, we seek to find comfort, and security, that resembles an unborn child cradled inside a mother's womb. However, long the incubation, we are still connecting to what will ultimately become our regular growth cycles. This element provides spiritual, and energetic nutrients that will feed our needs, and foster our desires to their true potential. We can also establish long-term commitments, our values, ethics and morals when connected to the earth element.

Whenever you feel chaos is entering into your life, take a moment and reconnect with this wonderful part of nature we call earth to define your purpose, and reconnect with your path. Reharmonize in a very centralized, and balanced way; ground yourself.

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