What is Individualization?

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How to Recognize The Start of the Individualization Process

My personal experience while on my spiritual path has brought to my attention a process where our paths become dominant over our experiences and we begin to realize that although we are a part of collective experience we all are unique persons that have unique purposes. This is the process of Individualization. Once you have begun finding a way to stay connected to yourself and purpose you will encounter a need to identify with it, claim it, and nurture it.

The Beginning of Self Renewing

Self-ownership is a part of self-management. This is where we take full responsibility for our experiences. This begins the ongoing process of self-acceptance, accepting our truths, past and present, without judgment. We must also heal completely. This requires forgiveness, letting go of past hurts, and optimism. We must have hope that we will succeed in creating a better life path, and achieve spiritual growth. Once we forgive ourselves we begin to care for ourselves more objectively, as if caring for a loved one, prioritizing needs.

Obtaining Spiritual Strength

Finally, before we begin the process of Individualization, we have to acknowledge our fears, thoughts, and emotions that discourage us from growing. We have to adapt to commitment. Once you reach a balance in spirituality you will be awakened to very specific experiences that affect you karmically. Your karma itself becomes balanced in gifts and debts. This means that you can now begin anew. To begin a new perception of yourself and life as you format your truths with greater awareness symbolizes strength. You longer have to feel judged because you are enlightened to the truth, truth that will guide you according to your purpose that is divinely orchestrated before you reached earth.

There is more to come. Stay tuned. This is my first post in the "Spiritual Growth" series.

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