What Is Kundalini?

Introduction To Kundalini

Today, I am going to talk briefly about kundalini, a very important part of understanding the energetic healing process. Kundalini is energy that unites universal energy with individual energy. It is the fundamental healing energy in comparison to all other energies. It is described as, "a constant flow of energy between all matter".

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Purification Process

Ancient philosophy teaches the true meaning of kundalini as the primary force of energy within our internal energy system flowing in an upward direction purging our system of negativity in a serpent like motion.

Historic Associations And Official Symbol

The image of a serpent coiled around a physician's staff is the original symbol for kundalini. Modified later on to adapt a set of expanded wings to complete the image of the caduceus the official symbol of medicine in ancient culture, and modern medicine today.

Further Discussions To Be Scheduled

Kundalini has a lot of spirituality associated with its meaning; therefore this is one of the topics I will be featuring in one of my blog series along with Yoga. For now I hope you've enjoyed what I have to offer. I will retouch on this topic soon; before I start the series. Until next time guys. Leave a comment like or share to let me know if you even want to hear about these topics again.

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