What Is Personal Power?

One Person's Definition

Personal power is the number of available resources; mental wisdom, physical strength, spiritual awareness, and positive emotional connections, that you have created for yourself with effort.

Another Description For Personal Power

Personal power is the ability to create for oneself desired circumstances despite adverse conditions because of developed personal skills. Such skills include self-discipline, patience, balanced mental and spiritual experiences, and a willingness to achieve personal goals successfully.

One More Description For Personal Power

Personal power comes along with the confidence that is only acquired when you have repeatedly proven to yourself that you will and you can. By knowing the value of sustenance and be willing to work for it.

Feeling Empowered, Being Empowered

I usually feel empowered after a single session of aromatherapy, crystal healing, or meditating. But my true empowerment happens during times of pressure, the moments in life when everything demands the best of me. That is when I must prove to myself and the universe that I can and will overcome adversity and challenge, that in the long run, I have what it takes to succeed and prosper from my goals. That is power, personal power when you are able to persevere and grow as a result of your experiences.

Just thought wanted to share my perspective. Hope you've enjoyed my post! Till next time! Thanks