When, How, And Why To Release Old Emotions.

Updated: Feb 7

Reinforce What You Already Know

This may not even seem possible to someone that is not on a spiritual path. However, for someone who has begun to explore the many paths of ascension, this is something I am sure you have already been exposed to as a necessary spiritual exercise, suggested as a repeated routine at the end of a lunar cycle; either during the waning moon, or the time after the full moon-anytime before the new moon. This can also be done after an intense negative experience; once you are ready to move on from an experience. It can also be done to filter out external connections, separating negative attachments from positive connections. All these periods suggest closure, and positive endings to natural experiences.

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A Brief But Necessary Process

I like to consider the release of old emotions as getting rid of waste. But first, I want to explain the critical yet, brief process that allows us to gain clarity in so many ways. When referring to this process you will hear certain terms like 'letting go', 'release', and 'transition', because it is associated with endings, and beginnings. These terms may make this process seem relatively simplistic, discouraging those that are not diligent enough to consistently implement the process into their wellness routine. It is the part of the program when you need to reach deep inside for understanding, and will power to do what needs to be done. It is very difficult to do because it is reminiscent of the negative things that exist. However, it is a nutrient to our wellbeing, necessary for both spiritual, and physical wellbeing.

Filtering Emotional Experiences

The primary purpose of this particular cycle is to free up space in your mind, body, and spirit to make way for new experiences while simultaneously, building a foundational path of truth, and harmony through a filtering process. When this process is deemed necessary, it should begin with clearing one's space either with smudging, or some other cleaning ritual. You can start your meditation session with the appropriate crystals, programmed or not, previously programmed crystals will not interfere with letting go. As you begin clearing your energy fields, chakra, and aura, allow yourself to reflect peacefully on your emotions past, present, and future. If you realize that you are reflecting on something that happened ten years ago, then you need to start letting go of that energy right away. If you are reflecting on something that happened yesterday, that means you are managing your energy really well, and don't need to filter a whole lot of activity. If you find yourself anticipating future experiences, then that means there is nothing else left to reflect upon, and the releasing process is done! I suggest you keep meditating until you are completely comfortable with your session. End your session, and allow yourself to be restructured by your new source of light!

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